New Strategic Partnerships, MedicareOnDemand,
and Continued Innovation
Among 2022 Highlights for MedicareCompareUSA

(BELLINGHAM, Wash. – January 24, 2023) — As the healthcare industry undergoes a period of transformational disruption, MedicareCompareUSA continued to blaze new trails in 2022 through the introduction of new products and services that make it easier for Medicare recipients to select a health plan that is right for them while helping providers protect and grow their Medicare patient base in an increasingly competitive environment.

For more than a decade, MedicareCompareUSA has been on the forefront of innovation in protecting continuity of care for seniors while serving as a valuable ally to hospitals, health systems, and large physician groups. In the year just concluded, MedicareCompareUSA elevated this road-tested experience to new heights thanks to new strategic partnerships with Epic/MyChart and Humana-MarketPoint as well as the launch of MedicareOnDemand (MOD), an online platform that simplifies the consumers’ Medicare plan shopping experience.

“Large national retailers Amazon, Walmart, CVS and Costco have aggressively entered the Medicare market leveraging new acquisitions in healthcare from primary care to pharmacy operations. The presence and aggressive marketing tactics of these well-known retailers has inflated an already fragmented environment and also created a direct and imminent financial threat to established and respected local healthcare providers,” said MedicareCompareUSA’s CEO Kerri Lenderman. “Our mission is first and foremost serving providers’ needs, and we’ve continued to invest heavily in developing new services and breakthrough technologies that support continuity of care and make the system work better for everyone.”

As part of this commitment, in 2022 MedicareCompareUSA partnered with the largest insurance agencies, national and regional insurers, call centers, EHR innovators, customer engagement, and medical management teams to build MedicareOnDemand. By leveraging its powerful services, astute providers can grow and/or protect the Medicare market share they have taken years to cultivate. That’s because MedicareOnDemand matches the insurance needs of Medicare patients with plans accepted by their providers.

This free, Medicare-compliant platform lets consumers easily compare Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans online and even create a customized shopping experience by entering physicians and medication information. Additionally, MOD offers a Medicare Center library with educational videos, a posting of local events to learn more about Medicare, a link to verify plans accepted by specific providers, and the ability to speak immediately with a licensed insurance agent, either by phone or by scheduling a personal appointment. Licensed agents will not only help with Medicare questions and enrollment but will serve patient needs for all future Medicare support. All of this activity is tracked and reported to the provider.

Through its new relationship with Epic, providers can offer MedicareOnDemand through MyChart and reach out to Medicare patients through a campaign or an announcement on the MyChart home page. Providers also have the ability to target specific patients, such as those turning 65 years old and entering Medicare or patients in danger of losing coverage due to contract termination with a Medicare Advantage plan. Such communication is a “win-win” for both the provider and the patient.

Another significant enhancement for MedicareCompareUSA in 2022 was seen in the new relationship formed with Humana-MarketPoint. This exciting collaboration bolsters agent training and marketing support and, by doing so, is expected to accelerate MedicareCompareUSA’s agent growth into markets beyond its existing footprint.

“The marketplace is changing at lightning speed and with more than 10,000 Americans entering Medicare every day new challenges will continue to emerge relative to how seniors choose their coverage and access healthcare services,” said Lenderman. “We will continue to stand with providers. MedicareCompareUSA is committed to bringing new products and services into this space – and pursuing like-minded strategic partners – that will add significant value for consumers and providers alike. The stakes are just too important to do anything less.”

About MedicareCompareUSA

As the nation’s leader in its space, MedicareCompareUSA currently supports more than 600 hospitals, health systems, and physician groups from coast to coast who collectively care for more than 10% of the nation’s Medicare population. With its strong foundation and impressive track record, an increasing number of hospitals and doctors are looking to MedicareCompareUSA and its sister company, MCUSA Consulting, as an indispensable part of a proactive patient-communication and population-management strategy. For further information, visit and

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