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Find the Right Plan for You

If you are currently reviewing your insurance options, MedicareCompareUSA can help you sort out the details. In order to select the plan that’s right for you, you’ll want to:

Be sure to confirm the Medicare plans that are accepted by your physicians and hospital of choice before applying for coverage. Most healthcare providers do not accept all insurance options or health plans.

Limiting your search to Medicare plans accepted by your healthcare providers can help ensure that you have no problems when receiving care and that you are never faced with the requirement of changing healthcare providers in order to use your Medicare plan. MedicareCompareUSA licensed insurance agents always confirm the Medicare plans that are accepted by your physicians and hospital.

Consider what kind of services you use regularly. By making a list of healthcare services you have required in the recent past, you will be able to verify Medicare plans being considered will include these important insurance benefits.

Make a list of your prescriptions, including: the name of the prescription drug, dosage, and frequency. Compare your list against the plan formulary of any Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans of interest, and make sure all of your prescription medications are covered.

Medicare Advantage plans may offer added benefits. If there is an added benefit that is important to you, try to locate a plan that meets all of your needs, including any important added benefits. You will need to consider all of the points listed in this section and then make the decision that is right for you.

Medicare Insurance Helpline assistance

Why Call MedicareCompareUSA?

Into the future your MedicareCompareUSA licensed insurance agent will always make sure you understand annual changes being made to your Medicare plan benefits/premium and the list of Medicare plans accepted by your healthcare providers. Upon request your licensed insurance agent can provide Medicare plan comparisons of other available Medicare plans accepted by your healthcare providers.

Enrollment in a plan may be limited to certain times of the year unless you qualify for a special enrollment period or you are in your Medicare Initial Election Period.