New Free Service Provides Insight Into Patient Insurance Purchasing Decisions

Healthcare leaders across the country now have a fresh insight into their marketplace’s competitive landscape and greater clarity as to the health insurance purchasing decision of local Medicare recipients thanks to a new user-friendly data tool created by MedicareCompareUSA. The information is available free of charge to hospitals, health systems and physician organizations and can [...]

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MedicareCompareUSA and Allina Health Design Insurance Helpline to Assist Medicare Beneficiaries in Health Plan Selection

MedicareCompareUSA announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Allina Health to establish a toll-free helpline that will make it easier for local Medicare beneficiaries to find a health plan that is accepted by an Allina facility and its affiliated physicians. Based in Minneapolis, Allina Health is a not-for-profit healthcare system that owns or operates 13 hospitals and [...]

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Hospitals Need to Take Role in Communicating with Medicare Enrollees

(This article was originally published in Payers & Providers.) Collectively, the nation’s more than 5,000 hospitals contract with hundreds of different health plans, many offering Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental insurance to America’s 55 million seniors. Capturing this growing population is a major component of most hospitals’ strategic objectives, which is why contracting is commonly found [...]

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New Mapping Capability Reveals Medicare Advantage Penetration by Health Plan and by County in all 50 States

Healthcare leaders across the country will now find it appreciably easier to determine Medicare Advantage enrollment in their county thanks to a new, intuitive tool created by MedicareCompareUSA. The tool can be accessed by visiting the company’s newly designed website at medicarecompareusa.com. With this tool hospitals, healthcare systems and medical groups in all 50 states [...]

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Being More Strategic in Attracting and Retaining Seniors

MCUSA Founder and CEO Paul Gauthier was recently published in Strategic Health Care Marketing on the importance of being more strategic in attracting and retaining Medicare beneficiaries. In this article, Paul outlines three unmistakeable truths. Read the article here.

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