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Supporting Health Systems and their Medicare Population

Health Systems understand the importance of providing clear and compliant Medicare information at all patient touchpoints. When a health system offers a Medicare Insurance Helpline, patients have a one-stop-shop resource for comparing and enrolling in accepted Medicare plans, and assurance that continuity-of-care is protected.

MedicareCompareUSA pioneered the provider-branded Medicare Insurance Helpline. Today, health systems caring for more than 4 million Medicare patients rely on a helpline as a central component of their Medicare communication platform. Helplines feature a unique toll-free number that provides a customized experience for dissemination of Medicare information, triage connectivity for health system resources, and for patients to compare and enroll in your accepted Medicare plans.  Hospital and physician staff are able to refer Medicare questions directly to your helpline, ensuring consistent and compliant communication throughout your health system at all patient touchpoints. Our patient CRM tracks and reports activity in real time.

Click here to review our Medicare Insurance Helpline Directory.

We assist your health system in the development of compliant Medicare communications including website content, email notifications, helpline brochures, Medicare newsletters, Turning 65 campaigns, Medicare plan affiliation letters and Medicare Annual Enrollment Period notifications. Providing concise and compliant communications benefits your patients and staff, and also your affiliated physician community. Sample materials available upon request.

MedicareCompareUSA features a consulting division that supports all sizes of healthcare organizations, from national health systems to independent physician practices. Our Consultants and Leadership Team specialize in assisting healthcare organizations to formulate, implement and administer Medicare strategies geared toward Medicare population management, retention and growth.

Have you recently reviewed the Medicare Advantage penetration in your service area?
MCUSA Consulting compiles and tracks Medicare Advantage penetration data for each state and county. We provide this data as a courtesy to health systems and physician organizations.  Click here to learn more.

MedicareCompareUSA is extremely well versed on issues that pertain to a change in Medicare Advantage network status. Maintaining continuity-of-care is paramount when patients are required to change Medicare plan due to contract termination, consolidation or market withdrawal. Your health system has access to our full portfolio of patient retention resources including materials library, patient insurance consultation scheduling, and agent-on-site support.

MCUSA Consulting has a proven track-record of helping hospitals and medical groups attract and retain Medicare-eligible patients. Read our case studies to learn more.

For more information contact:Kerri Lenderman

Kerri Lenderman
Director of Consulting Services
(360) 441-0355