MedicareCompareUSA Warns of “Shockwaves” Coming to the Medicare Marketplace in 2025

New Regulations Destined to Dramatically Impact Benefits, Cost, and Access for the 65 Million Americans on Medicare; Time to Prepare for This is NOW (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – June 4, 2024) -- Proposed changes to 2025 Medicare plans are expected to send shockwaves across the healthcare industry and are foretelling major disruption for all Medicare [...]

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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug & Medicare Part B coverage

Medicare Part B vs Medicare Part D prescription drugs:How do they differ? Let’s start off by defining Part B and Part D of Medicare. Medicare Part B is the portion of Medicare that covers medical services, such as physician visits, durable medical equipment, and select prescription drugs that Medicare Part D does [...]

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It’s Time to Stop Operating in Silos

National Thought-Leader MCUSA Calls for “New Era of Collaboration” to Successfully Address the Needs of Consumers and Providers in 2024 (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – January 25, 2024) -- A new era of strategic collaboration between local hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies, together with a more consumer-focused distribution system, will be the keys to patients getting the [...]

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MedicareOnDemand now offered by MAG and TIOPA

MedicareOnDemand Now a “Preferred Program” of Both the Medical Association of Georgia and the Texas Independent Osteopathic Physician Organization (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – November 28, 2023) — MedicareOnDemand (MOD), the highly-acclaimed online platform that makes it easy for seniors to match Medicare insurance options with plans accepted by their providers, has become a preferred program [...]

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MedicareCompareUSA Honored With Three Top Awards from Innovative Financial Group

MCUSA Named Top Quality Agency, Top Performing Agency and Top Performing Agent; Praised for “Exceptionalism” in Relationships with Policyholders and Healthcare Providers (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – October 3, 2023) --  MedicareCompareUSA (MCUSA) has been presented with three top awards at the recent Innovative Financial Group (IFG) 2023 Leadership Retreat in Lake Tahoe.  At its retreat, [...]

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MedicareCompareUSA Joins Partners Program of America’s Physician Groups

APG’s Roughly 360 Physician Groups And Their 170,000 Physicians Now Have Preferred Access to Highly Acclaimed MedicareOnDemand To Help Retain Medicare Patients and Assure Continuity of Care (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – September 19, 2023) — MedicareCompareUSA (MCUSA) announced today that it has joined the prestigious Partner Program of America’s Physician Groups (APG) as an Affiliate [...]

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MCUSA Holding Company Announces Strategic Collaboration with Highwater Medical Resources, Inc

New Partnership Referral Agreement Designed to Bring MCUSA’s Highly-Acclaimed MedicareOnDemand Product to an Increasing Number of Medical Groups Nationwide (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – August 29, 2023) —  MCUSA Holding Company announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Highwater Medical Resources, Inc, for the purpose of bringing MCUSA’s highly-acclaimed MedicareOnDemand (MOD) product [...]

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MedicareCompareUSA Named Diamond Sponsor of National Medicare Advantage Summit April 25-28

MedicareCompareUSA Named Diamond Sponsor of National Medicare Advantage Summit April 25-28 (BELLINGHAM, Wash. – March 21, 2023) — MedicareCompareUSA (MCUSA) announced today that it will serve as a Diamond Sponsor of the 4th National Medicare Advantage Summit to be held virtually April 25-28. MCUSA supports the nation’s largest network of hospitals, health systems and [...]

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