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Are you an Exceptional Agent?  We Should Talk!

MedicareCompareUSA is now expanding our health system relationships throughout the country and we are in need of high-caliber agents to support our health system clients and their Medicare population. If you have a desire to serve your senior community and you believe in providing unbiased Medicare plan advocacy, we have an opportunity of a lifetime to share with you.

MedicareCompareUSA Affiliated Agents take great pride in working closely with their local health system toward the mission of providing patients with a one-stop-shop for comparing and enrolling in Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. Health systems rely on MedicareCompareUSA to always protect patient continuity-of-care, while assisting in the process of identifying the Medicare solution that best meets the patient’s needs and preferences.

Physicians and office staff greatly appreciate having a trusted local agent to refer their Medicare population when questions arise about Medicare insurance.  Affiliated Agents forge long term ties with health system staff that results in consistent patient referrals throughout the year. It is not uncommon for Affiliated Agents to receive 200-500 Medicare patient referrals each year.

Health systems sponsor Turning 65 Campaigns designed to educate and inform patients as they approach Medicare eligibility. Health systems generally use letters, emails and website content for educating patients about Turning 65 Resources.

Each Medicare AEP, health systems look to inform patients of network participation status with Medicare Advantage plans and the availability of recommended Medicare patient resources. Affiliated Agents are often offered onsite appointment opportunities scheduled through the Medicare Insurance Helpline.

MedicareCompareUSA represents nearly all regional and national Medicare Advantage plans, as well as best-of-breed Medicare supplements and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. We oversee the contracting process and coordinate extensive training for the Medicare products accepted by our sponsoring health systems.

Ready to learn more?

We selectively work with agents who follow our proven system for serving the Medicare population. Our approach works, and we think you will agree. When you provide customers with an educated and unbiased perspective of their Medicare insurance options, you best serve your customer’s needs. This translates to loyal customers, who in turn refer your services to family, friends and neighbors.

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