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MedicareCompareUSA provides agents with superior Medicare products, training, tools and support to be highly successful in the Medicare space.  Our Medicare Insurance Helplines serve as the trusted resource for health systems caring for more than 6 million Medicare beneficiaries nationwide.  Our growing national footprint of health system clients offer agents a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a Medicare Ambassador for their local healthcare system.

Become a Medicare Ambassador

Health systems rely on MedicareCompareUSA to ensure patients receive accurate and impartial Medicare information; and that continuity-of-care is always protected as patients make Medicare insurance buying decisions.  This is especially important when patients first become eligible for Medicare and when a Medicare Advantage network disruption impacts access to care.  The MedicareCompareUSA Ambassador Program offers training and support for agents to serve as the conduit between their local health system and the Medicare community.

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MedicareCompareUSA Affiliated Agents take great pride in working closely with their local health system toward the mission of providing patients with a one-stop-shop for comparing and enrolling in Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. Health systems rely on MedicareCompareUSA to always protect patient continuity-of-care, while assisting in the process of identifying the Medicare solution that best meets the patient’s needs and preferences.

Physicians and office staff greatly appreciate having a trusted local agent to refer their Medicare population when questions arise about Medicare insurance.  Affiliated Agents forge long term ties with health system staff that results in consistent patient referrals throughout the year. It is not uncommon for Affiliated Agents to receive 200-500 Medicare patient referrals each year.

Health systems sponsor Turning 65 Campaigns designed to educate and inform patients as they approach Medicare eligibility. Health systems generally use letters, emails and website content for educating patients about Turning 65 Resources.

Each Medicare AEP, health systems look to inform patients of network participation status with Medicare Advantage plans and the availability of recommended Medicare patient resources. Affiliated Agents are often offered onsite appointment opportunities scheduled through the Medicare Insurance Helpline.

MedicareCompareUSA represents nearly all regional and national Medicare Advantage plans, as well as best-of-breed Medicare supplements and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. We oversee the contracting process and coordinate extensive training for the Medicare products accepted by our sponsoring health systems.


“The best part of this job is feeling that I’ve assisted someone get the best plan for their needs.”

Kevin Shay

“I feel proud to represent MedicareCompareUSA.  When taking provider referred appointments, their patients always appreciate that their healthcare provider cares enough to have their patients utilize our services.  It’s a win-win situation:  The provider and the patient know that their relationship with each other will be protected with whichever Medicare plan the patient enrolls in.”

Robbie Swensen

“It’s an honor to work with such a great organization, run by integrity and extensive knowledge of the industry.  Being able to assistant patients of hospitals and clinics that depend on our dedication of knowledge in this much confusing world of Medicare, brings me great satisfaction. Also, being available for clients to reach out directly to agents via a 1-800 toll free line gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are speaking back at the agent that assisted you.”

Marcel Zuzarte

“As an independent person with an entrepreneurial spirit, I cannot think of a better way to make a living. I am compensated well, control my own schedule and I am able to make a huge impact on Medicare beneficiaries who are feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. In a short meeting I am able to clarify how Medicare works and set them on a path to the right coverage. They take comfort in knowing that MedicareCompareUSA and myself will be with them for life.”

Tim Mickelson

“Seldom in the sales arena do you receive such a return on effort:  Appreciation, gratefulness and words of encouragement.  Customer trust is the true payoff of being a Medicare agent.”

Debra Dryden

“MedicareCompareUSA has worked exhaustively toward physician/ patient education in Medicare and associated plans. MCUSA assists agents to become specialized, unbiased navigators in the Medicare plan world. Agents are motivated to move beneficiaries into the plans best suited to their needs and then to assist their clients in the use of these plans throughout the year. Customer service is synonymous with MedicareCompareUSA agents and office support teams.”

Teresa Nansen

“I am very proud to work for MedicareCompareUSA because we are concerned with helping people. My primary goal is saving people money by putting them on the best plans for them!!!”

Brian Anderson

“It is rewarding to know that you are able to assist people with the confusing and overwhelming decision regarding what the best option is for their lifestyle and needs when it comes to navigating Medicare.  They are genuinely grateful for the knowledge that we share and the questions that we are able to answer.”

 Julie Hardie