Provider Agency Support Services (PASS) Assures Continuity of Care for Medicare Patients
While Protecting Market Share and Revenue for Physicians and Hospitals

(BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Aug. 26, 2020) — MedicareCompareUSA announced today the launch of Provider Agency Support Services LLC (PASS), a new affiliate company that allows hospitals and large physician groups across America to actively support a Medicare patient’s insurance-buying decision. By partnering with MedicareCompareUSA and PASS, medical groups and hospitals create tighter bonds with their Medicare patient population while creating a fully compliant new revenue stream that accompanies these consumers.

“The last decade has seen monumental shifts in the business of health care and in the relationships between medical groups, hospitals and insurers,” said MedicareCompareUSA CEO Kerri Lenderman. “COVID-19 has turned everything sideways in health care delivery and insurance distribution. There is a new normal with organizations vying for increased revenue. Nowhere is this more evident than in the competition for Medicare patients, which is at an all-time high.

“We’ve also seen radical changes in insurance distribution highlighted by unconventional businesses stepping into Medicare sales, thus expanding who and how insurance is secured,” Lenderman continued. “Now is the time for providers to offer insurance support to their patients so as to ensure that the services and care they provide are linked together. Utilizing PASS, the benefits of doing so are both financial and tangible for providers and further solidify relationships they have developed over time with their Medicare patients.”

Under this arrangement, MedicareCompareUSA will provide operational and management services. These include the hiring, compensation and managing of agents; the oversight of community marketing programs; tax filings and accounting matters; plan enrollment, compliance and licensing; member support and retention; and managing the day-to-day affairs of PASS.

“Medicare patients trust their providers for the medical care they provide and, as such, often seek their advice when they are turning 65 or looking to switch health plans,” said Lenderman. “Medical groups that provide Medicare insurance support through PASS complete the population health management cycle by unlocking a substantial revenue source while assisting patients with important insurance buying decisions.”

As Lenderman points out, patients turning 65 are bombarded with aggressive marketing campaigns from insurers and brokers, all trying to sell them on which health plan to join. “If left to the market, patients may unknowingly enroll in a health plan that their provider does not accept. So, too, when a plan contract is terminated, affected patients may arbitrarily be assigned to another provider by the insurer. In either scenario, hospitals and physicians face the reality of forfeiting patient revenue and encountering upset, loyal patients whose new insurance denies them access to desired care. Participation in PASS helps assure that all of this will not happen.”

As the nation’s leader in its space, MedicareCompareUSA currently supports more than 600 hospitals and health systems from coast to coast who collectively care for more than 10% of the nation’s Medicare population. With its strong foundation and impressive track record, an increasing number of hospitals and doctors are looking to MedicareCompareUSA and MCUSA Consulting as an indispensable part of a proactive patient-communication and population-management strategy.

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