Every single day more than 10,000 new seniors are “turning 65” and becoming Medicare eligible. They are faced with a daunting process of finding health insurance to fit their medical needs and pocketbook and are discovering that there are dozens of plans to choose from, many of which are not accepted by their provider. Most insurance sources provide biased guidance leaving these T65 seniors, including your patients, to make decisions with limited information and without all the facts. Providers uncover these situations largely when patients present for an appointment and through bad debt collections. It need not be this way. Given that patients trust their provider more than any other source regarding their health,


Offering a free and unbiased Medicare resource to these populations during this important life event affecting their health coverage makes sense. MedicareCompareUSA can help establish for you a branded one-stop, toll-free Medicare helpline that these new seniors can turn to for the information they need. We can also design a customized outreach program to your T65 patients that helps educate them on their choices and makes it easier for them to select a plan that you accept. By doing this, you can assure that you retain this important population while, at the same time, protecting your patients’ continuity of care. Don’t leave this important opportunity to chance. Contact us to find out more.