New Partnership Referral Agreement Designed to Bring MCUSA’s Highly-Acclaimed MedicareOnDemand Product to an Increasing Number of Medical Groups Nationwide

(BELLINGHAM, Wash. – August 29, 2023) —  MCUSA Holding Company announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Highwater Medical Resources, Inc, for the purpose of bringing MCUSA’s highly-acclaimed MedicareOnDemand (MOD) product to an increasing number of medical groups nationwide. MedicareOnDemand is an online platform that makes it easy for seniors to match Medicare insurance options with plans accepted by their providers and, in doing so, helps providers retain their Medicare patients at a time of great industry disruption and upheaval.

MCUSA Holding Company is the nation’s largest Medicare insurance-solution network for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups and for more than a decade has been on the forefront of innovation in protecting continuity of care for seniors while supporting providers’ bottom-line in a way that has been a win-win for everyone. Highwater Medical Resources is one of the premier consulting, marketing and sales organizations in healthcare and brings to its partnership with MCUSA deep expertise, understanding and experience regarding how to successfully introduce emerging medical technologies, services and programs to the physician marketplace.

“Physicians are seeing their way of life being taken away right before their eyes by large, retailers such as Walmart, Best-Buy, Amazon, CVS and Walgreens who are aggressively competing for Medicare patients by directly contracting with health plans without regard for existing physician relationships or continuity of care,” said Robert Smullin founder and managing partner of Highwater. “This is no time for physicians to sit on the sidelines and let others with deep-pocket marketing dollars dictate the senior market.  Physicians need to leverage the relationships and trust that they have built through the years with their Medicare patients to retain this important book of business, and MedicareOnDemand is simply the best way to do this.

“MCUSA is well underway in uniting all healthcare providers including primary care , specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, and post-acute,” Smullin continued. “Everyone is having pain points with so many confusing options and independent physicians need a solution that is easily scalable, dependable, committed to quality, and simplifies patient access. We have found that with MedicareOnDemand’s unique internet platform and game-changing APP (”

Through its agreement with MCUSA, Highwater has committed to introduce MOD to more than 300,000 independent physicians around the country and will then assist with client management including coordinating and distributing communications that help educate provider staff and others who can reasonably refer patients to MedicareOnDemand and Medicare resources available.

In support of providers, MedicareOnDemand allows consumers to easily compare Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Drug plans online and creates a customized shopping experience by entering physicians, medication and preferred pharmacy information. Additionally, MOD offers a Medicare Center library with educational videos, and posting of local events to learn more about Medicare. The APP verifies plans accepted by specific providers and the ability to speak immediately with a licensed insurance agent, either by phone or by scheduling a personal appointment. Licensed agents will not only help with Medicare questions and enrollment but will serve patient needs for all future Medicare support.

Launched earlier this year, MOD has been enthusiastically embraced by an increasing number of hospitals and health systems as a defensive measure to grow and/or protect their business and improve revenue streams. The new agreement with Highwater is designed to now more aggressively target independent medical groups who can reap these same benefits at a time when the Medicare population is growing faster than ever. Estimates are that Medicare enrollment will increase from 65 million to 105 million, an increase of 60%, by 2031 and will double by 2040; more seniors will age into Medicare 2024-2025 than ever before.

“Medicare does not need to be complicated, but national retailers and celebrity spokespersons have muddied the waters by fragmenting where and how consumers buy insurance and access services,” said MCUSA Holding Company President Kerri Lenderman.  “MedicareOnDemand is a one-stop shop for consumers that is truly the right solution at the right time and through this new working relationship with Highwater we’re enthused about the tremendous potential it brings to physicians and their patients.”

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