COVID-19 has dramatically changed interaction with patients turning 65 and needing to enroll in a Medicare plan. At a time of required social distancing, no longer can hospitals conduct on-site Medicare 101 educational seminars to provide a basic overview and explanation of Medicare, coverage and enrollment options, and a forum for asking clarifying questions. Required in its place is a program built around telephonic and online communications (webinars, video chats and emails). It also involves training agents to deploy these educational resources based on the preferences of each patient. Many hospitals around the country are turning to MCUSA Consulting to design and implement just such a program—from analyzing patient data and scripting communication to working with local agents on how to sell in this whole new world. Let us help you as we’ve helped so many other hospitals and health systems successfully tackle this critically important operational change. Click here, and request information to learn about how we are helping seniors in your community.