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MedicareCompareUSA and the CHI Texas Division to Establish Toll-Free Helpline to Assist Medicare Beneficiaries in Health Plan Selection

MedicareCompareUSA announced today that it has entered into an agreement with the CHI Texas Division to establish a toll-free helpline that will assist Medicare beneficiaries in choosing a health plan that best meets their personal needs and preferences.

The new helpline will connect callers with licensed agents specialty trained to help educate consumers on the features of all Medicare options including Medicare Advantage and Prescription plans, which collectively provide coverage for approximately one-third of all Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. These agents also represent Medicare Supplement plans and can facilitate and simplify enrollment in whichever plan is selected by providing assistance throughout the application and enrollment process.

“Many seniors have existing relationships with doctors and hospitals that have been built over time, and they want to make sure that they have continued access once they go on Medicare,” said Kerri Lenderman, director of consulting services with MedicareCompareUSA. “One of the beauties of this new helpline is that it will be easier for Medicare beneficiaries to find a plan that is accepted by the system’s many local hospitals and affiliated doctors, thus assuring continuity of care while preserving those bonds of trust.”

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period runs from October 15 to December 7 with new plan selections taking effect January 1, 2018. Lenderman points out that during this time Medicare recipients are bombarded with “confusing and conflicting messages” from competing plans, leaving many seniors no neutral place to turn for help or guidance. This is especially true for the 11,000 new seniors “aging into” Medicare every day. “The new helpline will be a one-stop destination for unbiased information so seniors can feel informed and confident when they are making this important decision,” says Lenderman.

Once enrolled, agents of MedicareCompareUSA will be available to provide an annual review of an individual’s Medicare coverage. This often includes assisting members affected by Medicare plan network changes that frequently occur on an annual basis. Doing so will allow beneficiaries to proactively select a new plan, if necessary, that best meets their specific needs, preferences and budget while retaining continuity of care with their trusted providers.

Consumers will access the new helpline free of charge through a dedicated toll-free number and link that have been established on the websites of CHI St. Luke’s Health, CHI St. Joseph Health and CHI St. Luke’s-Memorial.

The 17 hospitals that comprise the CHI Texas Division are: Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, Brazosport Hospital, Patients Medical Center, Springwoods Village Hospital, Sugar Land Hospital, The Vintage Hospital, The Woodland, Lakeside Hospital, Bellville Hospital, Burleson Hospital, Grimes Hospital, Madison Hospital, Regional Hospital, Memorial Lufkin, Memorial Specialty Hospital, Memorial Livingston and Memorial San Augustine.

About MedicareCompareUSA

MedicareCompareUSA helps Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan that is accepted by their existing hospital and doctors, thus assuring continuity of care and preserving the trusted relationships many providers have built up over time with their patients. Not owned or managed by any Medicare insurance company, MedicareCompareUSA’s mission is to provide seniors the unbiased information they need while simplifying the enrollment process. With its strong foundation and impressive track record, an increasing number of hospitals and doctors are looking to MedicareCompareUSA as an indispensable part of a proactive patient-communication and population-management strategy.

About the CHI Texas Division

The CHI Texas Division proudly includes CHI St. Luke’s Health, CHI St. Luke’s Health Memorial, and CHI St. Joseph Health, whose health systems provide quality care for people not only from Texas but from all over the world. Through our strong united alliance with Texas Heart® Institute and Baylor College of Medicine®, we continue to revolutionize healthcare through continual discovery and collaboration that helps saves lives. As part of a faith-based health system, we continuously work to create healthier communities through education and research initiatives as well as goodwill and the healing ministry of the church. Adhering to our core values of reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence, CHI Texas Division is passionate about creating a welcoming and caring environment for employees, patients, families and physicians.