Were you referred to MedicareCompareUSA by your physician or hospital? Here is why.

Physicians and hospitals recognize the importance of providing clear and impartial information for patients in search of Medicare insurance, yet healthcare staff are generally not trained, licensed or authorized to serve in this capacity.

We know the most important relationship in the healthcare system is that between patient and healthcare provider. Here’s how we can help:

We offer a toll-free phone number specific to your healthcare provider. When you call, we already know the healthcare organization you are associated with and we are able to connect you with a licensed insurance agent for your area.

MedicareCompareUSA Agents know and represent Medicare plans that are accepted by your physicians and hospital. We save you valuable time by helping narrow your Medicare plan search, and making sure your access to healthcare providers is never interrupted due to Medicare plan participation or acceptance.

Many of our affiliated physicians and hospitals host educational seminars for their patients new to Medicare. MedicareCompareUSA conducts these educational seminars on behalf of our affiliated healthcare providers.

Each year, Medicare Advantage plans can change benefits, premiums and their network of contracted healthcare providers. MedicareCompareUSA makes sure you understand any important changes to your coverage at the beginning of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).