CEO MedicareCompareUSAKerri Lenderman
CEO of MedicareCompareUSA
CEO of MCUSA Communications

After serving as CEO of MCUSA Communications since its inception and as acting CEO of MedicareCompareUSA for much of 2019, Kerri Lenderman was named CEO of the agency in January 2020, concurrent with a corporate reorganization. In her role, Kerri draws upon a diverse healthcare career spanning more than twenty-five years as well as a deep understanding of the Medicare landscape and the competitive challenges facing providers striving to secure Medicare market share and meet business objectives.

Kerri is responsible for all strategic, financial and operational planning, resources and outcomes. She also oversees MCUSA’s Ambassador Agent Program. Launched in January 2020, this specialized program is designed to build a team of dedicated field agents to support hospitals and physicians and position providers for a state of readiness when payer contract terminations occur. Agents are oriented to protect the patient-provider relationship and extend hands-on assistance to support a providers’ Medicare initiatives and objectives.

Prior to joining MCUSA Communications, Kerri worked as a national health plan consultant providing operational guidance and performing data audits. She also served as the executive director for a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring healthcare access. There her responsibilities included strategic development and management of the organization’s community programs, services and initiatives.

Kerri’s career was built on health policy research, provider education, plan contracting, and Medicare insurance operations. She provided operational oversight in the development of a claims system replicating fee-for service payments for the nation’s first private fee-for-service Medicare Advantage plan.