Top 10 Medicare Advantage Carriers

Exhibit 1

Nationally, the MA market has been dominated by the ‘starting five’ of insurers: UHC, Humana, Aetna, BCBS, and Kaiser. While all five leading insurers have grown their enrollments, the CMS data shows Aetna and Humana growing relatively faster than the other three major insurers, with a change of enrollment over 10%. Meanwhile, major players Cigna, WellCare and Community care all grew their enrollment by over 15%, making substantial inroads into the national MA marketplace.

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Exhibit 2

April 2020 Data shows United Healthcare still controls a larger share of the national MA marketplace than any other insurer, but Humana is closing the gap with a faster rate of enrollment growth. However, no other insurer surpasses a 10% market share, even with Aetna growing at a relatively faster rate than any other top 5 insurer, and any other top 10 insurer besides WellCare and Cigna (Exhibit 1). This illustrates a simple point – 5 insurers make up approximately two thirds of the MA Marketplace.
Want to see how these big hitters play in your local market? Follow MA enrollment data by county with our Medicare Advantage Penetration tool.

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