Counties with the Highest Medicare Advantage Market Penetration

Exhibit 1

According to April 2020 CMS Data, Miami-Dade county in Florida and Monroe county in NY lead the nation by Medicare Advantage penetration. About two-thirds of the Medicare eligible population living in those counties have a MA plan – over twice the national average of 36%. This represents an impressive growth of MA plans that leads the nation. Additionally, it is not only counties with relatively higher populations experiencing a growth of MA plan enrollments amongst eligible beneficiaries – Meeker and McLeod County in Minnesota also see approximately 3 out of 5 consumers go with MA plans.

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Exhibit 2

An analysis of counties with a minimum 100,000 eligible enrollees shows an equally impressive MA plan penetration in the high population states of Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and California. In each of the above counties over half of beneficiaries chose to enroll in an MA Plan.

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Exhibit 3

In fact, amongst the top 10 most populous counties nationwide, the average MA penetration is about 47% – ten percent higher than the national average. This shows that city and urban MA Penetration is increasingly leading the MA Plan adoption trend amongst Medicare eligible populations. Only Cook county in Illinois sees less than 2 out of 5 eligibles pick an MA plan out of all their available Medicare options.

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