Thank you for your interest in the MedicareCompareUSA insurance helpline services. Below is some additional information you requested.

What Is a Medicare Insurance Helpline?

A toll-free line to help patients learn about your available Medicare resources, with unlimited access to licensed agents offering comparisons of your accepted Medicare plans. Agents compare Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription plans, then facilitate enrollment in the plan(s) selected by the patient. This is a totally free service for your patients.

Why Do I Need A Helpline?

  • Patient retention equals revenue regardless of FFS or value-based payment. Offering a helpline to compare your accepted Medicare plans greatly assists patients in identifying coverage that best matches their needs and budget, while protecting continuity-of-care.
  • Provide your physicians and staff with an updated resource for referring patient Medicare questions. Increase staff productivity, especially during AEP and MA plan terminations.
  • Ensure consistent and compliant messaging at all patient access points. This is critical during changes to your overall Medicare policy or roster of accepted Medicare plans.
  • Patients are aging into Medicare at an unprecedented rate and need your help. When patients enroll plan-direct, an opportunity has been lost to strengthen patient affinity.
  • A helpline is your most important tool during a Medicare Advantage contract termination. Medicare Advantage plans are highly effective at reassigning patients to new PCPs unless you connect with each patient one-on-one. See case study.
  • Communicate with patients about your Medicare insurer strategic partnerships (especially provider-owned MA plans). A helpline enables you to inform patients, without steering.

What Does It Cost?

  • A totally free service for your patients, without obligation.
  • Offer patients a Medicare Insurance Helpline call center for under $1 per day.
  • Promote availability of your helpline economically via your website, email, social media, brochures and established forms of patient communication.

To learn more about how a Medicare Insurance Helpline can work for your organization, please either contact Kerri Lenderman directly or submit the request form below.

Kerri Lenderman
Director of Consulting Services
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